A chance to develop

Do you aim as high as we do? Welcome to explore your career paths at Oriola! You can read our employee interviews and explore our organisation.

Rubel - Medical information

"Health for me is something long-term. All I do today is an investment for tomorrow!"

Jennie - Customer service

"Nothing is the same since I started about 30 years ago. The organisation has developed in all areas.  If that sounds exciting to you - join us and make sure to keep up!"

Thomas_mobile nurse_flipbox.jpg

Thomas - Mobile nurse

"Being able to help and support a person to better life and health, even if we can't cure all diseases – it gives me so much energy back."


Simon - Distribution

"I find energy in more than one place. Such as exercise, activities, friends and partying...or why not watch a movie in bed with a large bowl of sweets."

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